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Are Good Sales People Born Or Bred?
How do we make our youth more employer ready and equip them with the necessary skills that our businesses need?[...]
4 Killer Templates for Sales Growth Leaders
​4 Killer Templates for sales growth from our Framework Library that our clients used to help them achieve an average[...]
Building a movement, the importance of your first followers
Thank you to Club Member Derek Hill who shared this short video with me yesterday. It's a powerful demonstration of how[...]
When the cat’s away…
"When the cat's away the mice will play" (meaning when the cats not around to watch, the mice will get[...]
Avoiding the Competency Trap
“The honest answer is after we reach £1M I haven’t a clue what I’m meant to be doing!” That was[...]
The Ultimate Budget Planner Template
Are you ready?  Making a budget - It’s that time of the year again when you should be digging out[...]
Are you intimidated by your bank?
Every growing business needs working capital and that may mean raising funds to cash flow growth. Knowing what capital you[...]
Are You Business Fit?
The first decision I made at the turn of the year, which I announced to the Company Shortcuts team at our[...]
Good strategy, Bad strategy…
is the name of the book I'm currently devouring...   And it comes highly recommended. Suddenly so much of advice[...]
How Much Are You Prepared to Give Away?
… and no I’m not talking equity  rather your role?   I heard a great nugget recently from Anthony Fletcher, the CEO of fast-growing business[...]
How sales process mapping links to building brand
There’s a reason why at Company Shortcuts, we keep banging on about the importance of creating ‘Your Sales Process Map’,[...]
A great tip when building a team of A Grade Players
We all know we want a team of A Grade Players for our businesses. A critical part of scaling our[...]
Navigating the commission maze
Commission schemes. Do you have one? Does it work – i.e. does it drive the team behaviours you want? And[...]
Do you stress test your marketing?
Last week I had the luxury of a couple of focused days with my Chairman Lara, reviewing business plans, current[...]
Solving the productivity puzzle
We’re used to seeing people walking down the street randomly talking into thin air – until you see the little[...]
Are you maxing the sales hours of the day?
So – how much of your team's resources last week was focused on income generating activities? 100% perfect, 50% or[...]
Can a man work in his wife’s business?
I first wrote a blog on this topic a few years ago and it definitely ruffled a few feathers so, in[...]
Firms recognise the importance of Street Smart over Book Smart
Earlier today I was standing in front of 200 young people (Year 11’s) sharing my story from school through to[...]
Sales IS the heart of growth
Answer this ONE question… What is the single most important strategic sales activity, that if applied consistently by your business[...]
Nicola Cook & her team celebrate Award Nomination
This week, to huge applause in the office, it was announced that we are finalists at the BESMA (British Excellence in Sales and Marketing[...]
3 ways to close a deal
Nicola Cook walks you through how to define when a deal is really closed and suggests how you might improve[...]
Is Your Sales Team Focused on Revenue or Profit?
After closing, what at the time, was the biggest deal personally in our business Company Shortcuts, I celebrated in such[...]
Your first sales hire – 4 tips before you start
The first sales hire may slow you down at first but get it right & adhere to these 4 strategic[...]
Build on your Natural Selling Style
It's important to be honest about both the strengths AND challenges different selling styles present. Nicola Cook explains in greater[...]
Know your selling style
Whether you approach it with fearless passion or like you do a chat with your best mate, everyone has a natural[...]
Managing different selling styles in a team
As you may have gathered from the content already covered on this topic, there is no one definitive successful style. In[...]
Business books for the holidays
It's that time of year with holidays on the horizon, when we share our list of must-reads for all aspiring[...]
Be prepared for your sales meetings. Always.
I watched a fascinating programme on the BBC recently. Essentially it asked what the Health Service could learn from other[...]
Avoid Recruitment Headaches
It’s the people who will build your business, therefore, recruit the best talent at the earliest possible opportunity. Never compromise[...]
How to engage with prospects before you meet.
With the internet available at customers fingertips on multiple devices, a typical salesperson does not get to engage with a prospect until they are already[...]
Help us sell more!
"Tell us what we need to say to our prospective customers to make them want to buy." Less telling, more[...]
Adapting to changing buyer behaviour
The New Sales Function The latest research from Forrester demonstrates the critical need for businesses to adapt their sales function if they[...]
When is the deal really closed?
Have you ever been the salesperson feeling hugely disappointed that a piece of business you had considered ‘closed’ went to[...]
How to close like a ‘Geordie’
11 actions to implement today that will immediately secure more commitment from prospects. If you’re not a native of the North[...]
When is a Sale a Sale?
When is a sale a sale? - depending on who you talk to in your organisation will depend on the answer[...]
Who would you hire in 2015?
The Apprentice versus Apprenticeships As I write this, we are approaching the pointy end of the current UK Apprentice TV[...]
I’m drowning … how to manage the tirade of communication when you’re leading a fast growing business
It’s not that long ago that we all had Rolodexes (which doubled as our own personal CRM), phones were attached[...]
Don’t let sales inhibitors into your business…
Is your customer buying experience digitally enabled? The final step of any business’s sales process is finalising the transaction with[...]
Big business results fuelled with small business juice
Is it possible to grow a global brand and deliver big business results, yet retain the juiciness and creativity that[...]
The Importance of Powerful Peers
It’s a fact that we become like the five people we spend the most time with, therefore it’s so important[...]
The importance of leading oneself, before empowering others by Nicola Cook
Or what we call Leadership Inside Out. What defines a successful leader? It’s a question often asked during our keynotes[...]
One Thing All Businesses Must Do To Accelerate Sales Growth
Answer this ONE question … What is the single most important strategic sales activity that if applied consistently by your[...]
Why Are You in Business?
Whenever I begin working with a new client, one of the very first questions I ask them is ‘why are[...]