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Nicola Cook // May 28 // 0 Comments

Last month, during our family holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida, I took the opportunity to spend a day ‘backstage’ on a behind the scenes Business Tour. How could you not want to learn more about how Disney does Disney?

But before I share some of the keys to Mickey’s Magic;

Yes, the secret underground corridors at the Magic Kingdom really do exist. I travelled through them! It’s called the Utilidor and allows all of the cast members, supplies and characters to pop up inside the park, in the right place at the right time.

Yes, there is a real-life luxury hotel suite inside Cinderella’s castle. It can never be bought and can only ever be gifted.

And have you ever wondered why there is a small drop at the beginning of many of the rides? Splash Mountain, Pirates, The Haunted Mansion to name but a few. Because you enter the ride via the themed show building’ inside the park perimeter, then drop underneath the Railroad to the main part of the ride which is housed in a boring warehouse which lies beyond the park perimeter. Who knew!

So, three keys that you can use to emulate some of Mickey’s Magic…

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