Not All Sales Engines Are Created Equal

Nicola Cook // May 23 // 0 Comments

One of the most popular parts of my live keynote is the explanation of the different types of buyers, their different motivations and the different types of Sales Engines a business must build in order to serve these differing customer journeys.

It’s a mistake to assume because you’ve cracked one route to market, that you can easily duplicate those same methods, team structures, processes, KPIs, lead generation strategies and mirror them in a different route to market.

Regardless of whether you sell a Consumer product/ service, or a Business to Business product/service, your route to market will fall into one or more of the categories below;

  1. Through your own sales effort or sales force
  2. Through distribution/resellers
  3. Through distribution/resellers
  4. Through retail space
  5. Through digital/e-commerce

1. Your own sales effort (a Direct Sales model)

This is what most people are thinking of when building a sales team. ‘Surely all I need to do is hire a load of BDMs and send them out on the road – yes?’ Err No! Not unless you want to burn a shed load of cash and waste a lot of time…

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Nicola Cook is an award-winning entrepreneur and twice published international best-selling author on professional selling and personal & business growth. She is CEO of Company Shortcuts, a business devoted to improving business results by injecting skill, passion and strategy to help those entrepreneurs and sales enthusiasts achieve the sales results they desire.

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