Building A System To Encourage Learning At Work

Nicola Cook // June 20 // 0 Comments

Last night I gave the keynote address at my old school’s Speech Day…

Apart from being an immensely humbling experience, being back on the platform, this time handing out awards and certificates rather than receiving my (then) very thin envelope of academic achievements, I used the opportunity to remind the graduating class of the importance of maintaining their thirst for knowledge and growth, long after they leave school.

Because your appetite for learning and personal growth directly correlates to your level of success.

I happen to be an example of one of those students that did not take the academic route through life. Instead, learning on the job or grabbing every work-based training programme that was ever offered and I’ve personally invested tens of thousands of pounds into my own development over my thirty-year career, travelling around the globe to attend courses and to listen to world-class speakers.

This same week I also had the opportunity to introduce my friend Pete Wilkinson, the CEO of Reclaro, a SAAS start-up, which I have an investment in, to Nelson Da Silva the Chief Revenue Officer of Receipt Bank…

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