Do you stress test your marketing?

Nicola Cook // June 28 // 0 Comments

Last week I had the luxury of a couple of focused days with my Chairman Lara, reviewing business plans, current results and seeking ways to enhance our existing offering. 

As always I come away with a head full of new ideas and scribbled ‘grey time’ notes.

 If you’ve attended any of our live events you’ll be familiar with the term we refer to as your UDP – your unique differentiating proposition. Your key value proposition that differentiates you from your competition, which you deliver with relentless focus and consistency, to carve out your market position.

 This week, I ask the question – Does all of your collateral, regardless of whether it is off or online, clearly communicate your UDP?

When was the last time you stress tested your marketing collateral? 

One idea is to ask a 15year old to stress test your copy? Can they easily articulate what the offer is, what it is you do, and what they understand to be the next step, i.e. the call to action?

We recently interviewed for an internship in our business and as part of the recruitment process we asked the candidates to complete a digital marketing review of Company Shortcuts and present their recommendations. The feedback was enlightening, to say the least!

 If you’re too close (like we were) you won’t be able to see what needs improving – so find a 15yr old this week and ask them to stress test some of your marketing – start with your business card. 

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Nicola Cook is an award-winning entrepreneur and twice published international best-selling author on professional selling and personal & business growth. She is CEO of Company Shortcuts, a business devoted to improving business results by injecting skill, passion and strategy to help those entrepreneurs and sales enthusiasts achieve the sales results they desire.

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