Opportunity Realised – Some Wise Words from Lara Morgan.

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This week I thought I would share some wise words from Lara Morgan, who circulated the words below to all of her company heads.

I think the message speaks for itself…

“In order for a business to take advantage of an opportunity, four factors must be in place.

 The formula looks like this.


 An opportunity can only be realised when you have the vision to recognise it and the resources, skills and plan to execute on it. And yet many companies with these resources who see opportunities don’t take advantage of them.

 Why is it that we will succeed? It is because we have all that is required to make things happen… 

 It turns out that the most important driver of change is the willingness to make it happen. 

 Understanding the problem to solve is one thing. Caring enough to want to do it is key.

 Keep on caring people, customer-centric – and milking the sales hours of every day indeed…” 

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