Sales Bible, Playbook, SOP – Sales Operational Manual – call it what you want,  but you can’t scale your sales function without one. I’m often quoted as saying ‘Brand is

Why You Need A Sales Bible

Anyone who placed a bet on what they’d be doing in 2020 were either delusional or psychic – or were they?Our job as entrepreneurs and sales growth leaders is to

Stack the Odds

It’s a simple enough concept - know your customer, but in my experience most growing businesses give this concept lip service when bottoming out their Sales Strategy. Last month I talked about the

Know Thy Avatar

Whenever I start working with an ambitious business, the first question I always ask is; ‘What’s your UDP?’ and after a few scratches of heads, I’m usually met with blank

What’s a UDP and why you need one – especially now!

​It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot during the past couple of months, is it still ethical to sell and grow our pipeline during the pandemic?Before I launch into

How do you build your pipeline during COVID?

Those of us old enough and grey enough will have lived through more than one economic contraction, however it’s fair to say that none of us have ever experienced a

Building a Sales Engine to simply survive!

Your Sales Engine is broken and here’s why… Occasionally at a networking event you’ll hear a bunch of old sales hands (myself included) reminiscing about the days when we simply

“S’Marketing” Explained

As we enter not just a new year, but a new decade, it’s the perfect time to not only reflecton your past business performance, but on what you want to

Defining a Successful Sales Growth Plan