Are your team able to handle the wide variety of sales conversations and client relationships needed to increase sales and drive profit?

Chances are, if your team are under 40 and started their careers with a blue-chip graduate sales programme, they’ve probably never received any ‘formal’ sales training.

Faced with this dilemma business owners often waste time, effort and money attempting to recruit the ‘full package’ rather than develop their existing team and train the required skills to that match their businesses sales process.

ALL personnel need to be commercially aware and able to spot and nurture opportunities, to know how to understand a client’s needs both pre-sale as well as from a customer service standpoint post-sale.

Following our Sales Secrets Sales Academy© you can create your own tribe of highly focused, highly motivated and highly skilled SalesBlazers, all working together and with you to actualise the true growth opportunity of your business.

Ideal for teams of 6 or more our Sales Secrets Sales Academy© programme can be offered in conjunction with your own energising sales conference, or over a series of workshops delivered onsite. Purchase the licensed TRAIN THE TRAINER option so that your own internal trainers can access our comprehensive materials, frameworks and maximise your initial investment by maintaining your internal momentum.

What’s included;

  • Complete Sales Competence diagnostic pre-event, completed by all individuals and their managers, so establish a baseline skill set before training commences
  • Either 2 full day workshops or 4 Half day workshops delivered at a location of your choice, delivered by one of our experienced Sales Training Accelerators.
  • A comprehensive delegate workbook for every participant
  • A complimentary copy of ‘The Secrets of Success in Selling’ by Nicola Cook, for every delegate

Note: exact content is tailored from a library of modules depending on the diagnostic results and detailed discussions around your programme objectives, however they include 8 from the selection below;

  • Account Management – build relationships that acquire more sales and on-going referrals
  • Bridging the gap between sales & marketing – and which skills you need for both
  • Building Belief – getting outside your comfort zone and increasing your confidence to sell
  • Close to a Win:Win – Negotiation, objection handling and dealing with difficult closes
  • Customer Excellence – how to delight and surprise your existing clients
  • Delegation without abdication – 7 steps to effective delegation
  • Digging for the Hot Button – a structured format to qualify all opportunities
  • Digital selling – how to use the web and social platforms to research, connect and extend your reach (we also offer a specific workshop on Linkedin for B2B selling)
  • Engagement – develop your Punchy Prologue and your Elevator pitch
  • Gaining appointments – how to get past the Gatekeeper and get that game-changing appointment
  • Good communication – building rapport, using your sensory acuity to ‘read’ your prospect
  • Leadership Inside Out – the art of developing others by adapting yourself
  • Leadership for Sales Managers – how to manage a team of high strung individuals and get the best out of them
  • Let’s go hunting – deciding on your Client Avatar and how to initiate multiple ways to generate qualified prospects
  • Making time for sales – developing profit priorities, journey planning and time management
  • Mapping the process – understanding the client journey pre & post-sale
  • Perfect your sales pitch – creating your compelling statements
  • Pipeline potential – how to manage and work smart when dealing with a large volume of prospects
  • Presentation Pride – The 4D presentation techniques
  • Proposals that deliver – innovative ways to present your proposition
  • Stilletto Leadership – a specific module for female leaders
  • The 5 natural styles of salespeople – identify your strengths and develop your weaknesses
  • The 5 Steps of the Sale – How to have skilled client interactions that lead to committed actions
  • The Sales Fundamentals – Why people buy and specifically why they buy your product or service
All of our workshops are highly interactive and involve, music, exercises, games, flash cards and role-plays.
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