Growth Gems – One for the Office Wall!

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Here’s our list of Growth Gems … what else would you add?

If habits maketh the man … what habits make a truly outstanding sales professional?

One to download and stick on your office wall perhaps and ask your team to add to.

40 #GrowthGems guaranteed to improve sales performance

  1. Get in front of the no.1 influencer
  2. Knowledge planning pre-call is a must
  3. Educate your customer
  4. Update your pipeline weekly – monthly – sales reporting against targets matters
  5. Go to customers with a proposition you believe in, that fits their needs perfectly
  6. Good decisions can be to say ‘No’
  7. More planned focus to get out of meetings what you want
  8. Time management routines to be better = time is money
  9. Challenge yourself to take on bigger prospects
  10. Make a meeting plan
  11. Know/calculate every opportunities value to establish strategic priority
  12. Find the customers pain
  13. 4 messages, it’s good to be persistent – with humour
  14. Be creative in the contract terms
  15. Know where the profit is
  16. Use your data points to prioritise & apply % change conversion rates to prospects
  17. Understand & communicate your companies vision & strategy – your UDP
  18. Listen more
  19. Time matters
  20. Think of possible profitable product line or service extensions – increase your average order value
  21. Ask: what time is most convenient for you?
  22. Appropriately reward people
  23. Don’t undervalue information held in data collection
  24. Monthly meeting to share how to overcome objectives
  25. Remember minimum margins
  26. Prioritise action by profit
  27. Be fearless
  28. Go for low-hanging fruit
  29. Learn from lost AND WON opportunities
  30. Use better your current customer base to sell to
  31. Recruit experts & different sales styles
  32. Always get, if you give in negotiation – Use Tie-Downs
  33. Be aware of your long term & short term strategy
  34. Review the sales internal questions
  35. Perfect your customer orientated pitch statement – Your Punchy Prologue
  36. Clarify impact of priorities, the customer has a value order
  37. Establish ASAP the actual opportunity value
  38. Make enquiries a matter of urgency
  39. Build please a sales process paper / online digital temples library – Your Sales Bible
  40. Celebrate success!
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