Grow Your Business With Company Shortcuts

If you want to accelerate the pace of growth in your business in the next 90 days, Company Shortcuts can help.

Is this you?

An ambitious business owner or entrepreneur who is:

  • frustrated that your company is not scaling or achieving the ambitious growth targets you aspire to?.
  • Ready for your company to come out of training pants and start to operate and sell like a grown up business.
  • Run ragged, doing far too much 'stuff', and beginning to resent your business that you once had a passion to see grow and grow.
  • Thinking of selling because, even though you believe your business has the potential to growth accelerate, you're not sure what the next steps are.
  • The thought of someone taking your business off your hands in the near future, even for a reduced amount, seems appealing instead of pushing for the perceived pain of growth.

Businesses struggle. That's a fact.

There are many reasons why businesses struggle to scale, and all fast growth businesses struggle with common issues:

  • recruitment mistakes
  • spend money on campaigns that don't work
  • try outsource solutions that drain you of your time and energy
  • invest in sales & marketing software that creates more problems than it solves
  • have one or two 'Heroic Sales Leaders' who generate the majority of revenue, but can't disseminate what they do into a scalable solution.

If you can see yourself in most of these scenarios, then the 4 meta-principles of our underpinning Sales Secrets Formula© will give you a structured approach to move on and up.

Company Shortcuts is an innovative sales acceleration agency that will deliver you profitable growth.

We've designed and developed a world-class innovative range of products, services and events that draw upon real world experiences of growth businesses but all underpinned by simple steps and easy to apply frameworks.

Delivered through a range of platforms including live events, facilitated group learning, online and even innovative text messaging support, and from a light touch for those busy entrepreneurs with not much time through to an intensive structured programme of tailored support - we have a product or service to suit.

For more information click on the logos below to learn about each individual product or service.

Sales Secrets Sales Academy: World class sales training for your team

Sales Success Business Review: A strategic review for business owners

Frameworks: 80+ template downloads. Develop better business function and accelerate growth with proven shortcuts.

Business Accelerator Leadership Programme, learn how to scale a profitable business fast, that's not dependent on you.

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