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At Company Shortcuts we exist to ‘grow the nation by improving sales performance’ and the growth rates of our client base which averages 140% increase in Net Profit one year after engagement, tell us that we are well on our way to achieving our mission.

Yet according to the Scale-up report published in November 2014, commissioned by UK Government and researched by Sherry Coutu, of the six barriers to businesses scaling-up (i.e. growing to £100M or more) the biggest challenge and top of the list which is holding back growth, is access to people with the required skills.

As business owners and sales leaders we all already know this from personal experience and we’ve likely heard the ongoing political debate about the mismatch between education and the business skills needed. At Company Shortcuts we’ve been actively searching for a way in which to become part of the solution to this wider issue…

… which is why we’ve devised the following scheme.

The Sales Nation Programme

And it’s unbelievably simple. For every business owner who invests in their own or their team’s executive development with Company Shortcuts, we will sponsor a student to attend our sales training masterclass programme giving them the information and tools to refine a core business and life skill – selling.


Invest in yourself, and trust us to pay it forward by helping train the next generation of sales leaders and professionals.

We are working with a number of colleges to identify the student candidates who are between 18-24 years old and in full-time education. Their chosen study area is irrelevant as we believe professional influencing skills are required in every form of employment, what is more relevant is their desire to grasp this opportunity with both hands.

However, if you would like to nominate a student for the scheme, please email with the subject line – Student Shortcuts candidate

We hope you will help us pay it forward and continue to invest in your own and your team’s development with Company Shortcuts, allowing us to pay it forward and support the generation of professional SalesBlazers.

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Company Shortcuts works with a team of outstanding Sales Accelerators to deliver consultancy and training, who also guest blog for us on topics of interest to sales leaders.

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