New Year Kickstart.

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Kick Start your business’ new year with a full pipeline.

Lou Johnson, CEO of Blue Sky Revenue Generation is a great friend of Company Shortcuts and many of you will have met her at one of our live events. We’ve asked Lou to share her perspective on how business leaders can start the New Year primed for business success with a full pipeline.

[LOU JOHNSON] I speak with business owners and marketing managers every week, struggling with the same challenges: they have a Marketing Plan ready to fly and leads in the pipeline but simply not enough time to qualify or convert them.

Meaningful conversations.

One client who broadcast a well-attended and engaging webinar, knew he would be unable to follow up on the leads for a few weeks, but he had calculated a potential five figure revenue, if he spoke to them in time (nice problem to have you might think). But all too often we don’t get to have that meaningful conversation, or when we do, they have moved on. We were able to step in and qualify his warm leads, setting up a number of appointments for him to speak in person.

Revenue waiting for you.

Another business owner recently declared to me: “I can’t get through my list of leads and follow up properly. It’s so frustrating because it often feels like there is revenue out there just sitting on the table and I can’t reach out to bank it, because my team and I simply don’t have the capacity.”

“On a good day I may drop an email to some of the prospects, but I know for a fact, if I was on the phone to them, I would convert at a much greater rate because I can gauge where they are at in the thought process. Some of my team can do this, but often they too are caught up managing key accounts. So the follow up of leads, drops to the bottom of the list.”

This is where my business (Blue Sky Revenue Generation) can really help you. We step in and turn this around. We morph into your business and pick up the value proposition, speaking about it as if it were our own. If you gave us your list of warm leads, in the New Year, you would have a string of appointments set up, interested in your business.

What buyers are looking for, according to a recent survey by cutting edge sales consultants the Rain Group, is a number of ‘interactive initiatives’ by the seller. It doesn’t always have to be you that makes the call. But you do need to have confidence that the people calling on your behalf represent you and your business with a professional manner, sales skills and the best possible business proposition.

The client I mentioned earlier, Neil Ryder of My Goal, knew there was revenue to be made from his webinar and told me a few weeks later: “I’m so relieved I took your team on, because it has amounted to £75,000 on my bottom line.” Now that’s a good result isn’t it?

By calling each of the people on his list personally, we were able to pre-empt any of the barriers to a sale that might stop them following up the webinar with action. We were able to reinforce the benefits and proposition of the business and equip them with all the information needed to make a decision.

We filtered out the webinar guests that were interested in a conversation with Neil so he could focus on the warmest leads and doing business with them. By speaking with each of them we were also able to provide valuable feedback to Neil on the reasons why people weren’t interested in his business that he can consider for future product development.

Blue Sky Revenue Generation represents our clients in a sales and business development function. We become an extension of your business and morph into your value proposition.

So, while you are out dealing with existing client accounts we can be on the phone ensuring you don’t miss a single in-coming enquiry or as with Neil, we can pro-actively make out-bound calls to get you new business in your pipeline.

I’d love to help you fill your sales pipeline in Q1 – why don’t you drop me a line and see how I can help?

Contact me now so we can get you set up for the New Year. Lou Johnson 07787 895574

One more thing before I go. If you are finding that automated marketing alone is not converting interest into sales revenue READ THIS. Maximising the impact of your automated campaigns.

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