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Managing different selling styles in a team

Sales team having a meeting

As you may have gathered from the content already covered on this topic, there is no one definitive successful style. In fact to become super successful you actually need to be able to switch between the styles at different points throughout the sales process, particularly if you work in a smaller business, or indeed are the […]

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How To Reward Your Staff (Without Paying Them More)

Biggest learning, gift and reward the people you wish to really motivate according to the things they have told you that they value most. Small and big rewards can sometimes mean as much as each other, and if you don’t know someone’s favourite chocolates, sweets or indeed their fave holiday destination, find out? Too often […]

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If celebration breeds success – how much do you celebrate?

We are delighted to announce that our very own Michelle Gudgeon (or M as she’s known to us – as she really is the mastermind behind all that we do!!) was the proud recipient of the Virtual-ly The Best Assistant in the world at this year’s Superstar Awards. Michelle received her award as recognition of […]

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How well are we really INNOVATING and what thoughts does this drive?

INNOVATION is critical to the lifeblood of a fast-moving, engaging and world-class company with ambition. How well are we really INNOVATING and what thoughts does this drive? Every day a company must surely continually improve and grow to outrun the competition.  Does your company have a system in place recording everything you can about what they […]

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The importance of leading oneself, before empowering others by Nicola Cook

Or what we call Leadership Inside Out. What defines a successful leader? It’s a question often asked during our keynotes or seminars and the responses from delegates are as varied as the number of books that have been written on the subject; however, one aspect that everyone always agrees on is that the effective leader […]

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Valuing Time

Future Proof Your Sales Engine

Valuing Time Time is money? The more productive you can make each minute of the day the more you will make on the return of your invested effort. Being smart about the way you work within the hours you give will also set you apart. Focus on a core goal without distraction, practice and start […]

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