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A great tip when building a team of A Grade Players

Lara Morgan on panel The Apprentice: You're Fired

We all know we want a team of A Grade Players for our businesses. A critical part of scaling our companies, but what does the term A Grade Player actually mean? And how do you find them?  An A Grade Player is the term used to describe the top performing 15% at any given pay […]

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Do you stress test your marketing?

Stress test your marketing

Last week I had the luxury of a couple of focused days with my Chairman Lara, reviewing business plans, current results and seeking ways to enhance our existing offering.  As always I come away with a head full of new ideas and scribbled ‘grey time’ notes.  If you’ve attended any of our live events you’ll […]

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Your first sales hire – 4 tips before you start

grow your team - the right hire

The first sales hire may slow you down at first but get it right & adhere to these 4 strategic tips and you’ll set your business up for profitable growth. A question that all growing businesses must answer is: When is the right time to expand my sales operation, who would be the best fit and where […]

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Everyone in your business matters

Speaking from personal experience, Patricia Bacon, founder of Bacon Consulting shares insights on recruitment and building culture for a healthy business. You can hear her speak at our next event here on 1st October. As I have grown businesses over the years I have come to realise that recruiting the right people is one of […]

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How to interview to build culture

TEam at flip chart

Having made most mistakes in recruitment, in fact it feels like all, but also having learnt a great deal along the way through trial and alas error I wanted to share with you a few thoughts and sense checks for avoiding recruitment nightmares. Culture first It took 17 years of effort to define the process […]

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Build on your Natural Selling Style

Selling styles natural extrovert

It’s important to be honest about both the strengths AND challenges different selling styles present. Nicola Cook explains in greater depth what to expect from each style. After reading the outlines in Selling Styles Part 1, do you find yourself associating in particular with one of these styles? The Gladiator The Best Friend The Wizard […]

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Know your selling style

Sales Styles - telesales

  Whether you approach it with fearless passion or like you do a chat with your best mate, everyone has a natural style of influencing. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a ‘natural’ salesperson, you will default to what comes naturally when put in a position that requires influence. Here, we uncover your preferred selling […]

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Lara’s Laws on Recruiting your Dream Team

Vacancies available now

  Over the years, I have employed hundreds of people and always did what I felt was right, using a sixth sense. Possibly thanks to my own lack of experience, it’s meant I do not not follow a traditional process in an interview. Recruitment decisions will make or break a company, so get them right. […]

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Avoid Recruitment Headaches

Avoid recruitment headaches

    It’s the people who will build your business therefore recruit the best talent at the earliest possible opportunity. Never compromise when it comes to recruitment, otherwise you create a headache that drains your time, energy and cash. If you have ambition and want to grow; you and your team are maxed out and […]

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