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These 3 words impacted my life more than I knew at the time…..

Jamie Edwards shares with us in a guest blog, his feelings towards the recent events that have unfolded across London and Manchester over recent weeks and the impact such events can have on one’s life. After the impact of the past few weeks in Manchester and London I think there’s a lot of resilience that […]

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Yes, a man can work in his wife’s business. Here’s how…

Ed Challinor

In this article I’m writing a response to Nicola Cook’s insightful commentary in her Company Shortcuts blog for International Women’s Day, ‘Can a man work in his wife’s business.’ You can read it here. I came across the blog having met Nicola at a mastermind event and agreed to write my response from the unique […]

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Can a man work in his wife’s business?

Husband & wife at work

I first wrote a blog on this topic a few years ago and it definitely ruffled a few feathers so, in support of International Women’s Day– I thought it was worth updating and re-sharing some more thoughts on the topic. As an active supporter of female entrepreneurship and as a female entrepreneur myself I know firsthand […]

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Possibly the most important step of all?

by Ernest Capbert Market research has been around formally since the 1920’s. defines it as: The process of gathering, analysing and interpreting information about a market, about a product or service to be offered for sale in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service; research into […]

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A Journey to Engagement

Claudette Dawson

My Mini Stalking Mission by guest writer, Claudette Dawson When you are on a mission, you have a specific aim with a clear direction and it’s vital to know, own and embrace your “why”. My “why” for wanting to join Company Shortcuts was the fuel that ignited my persistence button. That’s what drove me on […]

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Nicola Cook & her team celebrate Award Nomination

BESMA Finalist

This week, to huge applause in the office, it was announced that we are finalists at the BESMA (British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards) 2016, in not just one, but TWO categories! Company Shortcuts has been selected as a finalist for ‘Training Centre of the Year‘ and Nicola Cook our Chief Opportunity Officer and CEO, is a finalist for ‘Sales Trainer […]

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10 Tips for National Sales Management Success

Phil Jones, Managing Director of Brother UK, shares his top ten sales management tips to consider when running a large national sales team: 1.       Don’t overburden salespeople with unnecessary processes.  Keep them simple and well defined. 2.       Bring the team together face to face regularly, formally and informally.  Salespeople are naturally social beings. 3.       Allow teams […]

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A Watertight Equation for Raising Awareness

By guest contributor, Bryony Thomas, founder of Watertight Marketing. The two critical ingredients for generating a steady flow of leads for your business. “We need more leads,” is a familiar cry from business owners the length and breadth of the country. Having a steady flow of people interested in what you sell is essential for […]

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Time to turn up the heat

You already have a successful growing business, but are you frustrated that your sales team doesn’t follow through all the potential prospects they’ve either self generated or had fed to them by marketing? While you may have an ongoing email nurture campaign in place to keep leads simmering nicely, perhaps you would really like to elevate some relationships […]

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In sales and proud

young professionals

How many times have you been at a networking event and introduced yourself to someone who responds with titles like, Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Executive, anything but admit that they are in sales? I wholly understand the reticence of sales people not wishing to tar themselves with the brush of other’s poor behaviour in […]

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