These 3 words impacted my life more than I knew at the time…..

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Jamie Edwards shares with us in a guest blog, his feelings towards the recent events that have unfolded across London and Manchester over recent weeks and the impact such events can have on one’s life.

After the impact of the past few weeks in Manchester and London I think there’s a lot of resilience that is being shown by the people of Manchester and London.

We’re ‘tough’ us northerners….

Personally, I was lost for words. I was only at a concert with my two children in Manchester a couple of months ago. My daughter said “Daddy, that’s where we saw Craig David”. She loves her R&B music.

I was fortunate to live in the Borough Market area of London for a couple of years. It’s amazing how the times that we live in….or a place that we live in, or the people that we live with/work with can have a huge impact on your life and how you THINK about it.

Think of the people who woke up and everything changed in those EVENTS.

And as I write this I am watching the AFTERMATH of the UK elections and again this event will change people’s lives and their thinking. Sure the Prime Minister’s thinking has changed along with many voters about the opposition.

So as you are now awake and reading this you will probably be reacting to more EVENTS of the weekend.


The events, the people, the times that we live in, the place that you live in all have an impact on our thinking.

The challenge is ‘do you allow’ the conditions to impact your thinking or does you’re THINKING ‘come before’ the conditions?

Often when I hear somebody has had bad news regarding an event or something has changed dramatically in the life……HOW they react tells me about what their beliefs are.


Just last week I attended the funeral of my biological father.

Two and half years ago I got to meet him for the first time in 39 years for ONLY 45 mins.

That event was prompted by my thinking and beliefs at the time being prodded, jolted and brought to the forefront of my mind.

I was walking in the London Bridge area where I read THREE WORDS that changed my thinking.

The words BEFORE I DIE…….. were painted in large white letters on a black background that could be seen from 80 yards away. Many people had filled in the blank spaces and I added immediately “Before I die I want to see my father.”

So I asked my mother if she could help me find him. When we did find him…. it took me several months before I actually took action.

This event had quite an impact on me. Amongst many things, it clarified why I wanted to be even more present for my children.

So any event and all the people can impact your beliefs in many ways both negative and positive way or even a neutral way.

It means your THINKING should precede the conditions….

Note that these types of events in people’s lives can drive them forward or hold them back.

You never really stay the same. STUCK is only temporary. MOTION will soon take over in one direction or another. And if it’s not you moving in a direction then life makes the decision for you.

POINT #1: How did you react to the last EVENT/PERSON/PLACE?

Did it influence your thinking or beliefs? Write down how. It could be a current situation. What did you learn?

POINT #2: Deciding to do something doesn’t mean ACTION.

It means you decided. I decided I wanted to see my father. I didn’t do anything. I kept thinking about seeing him again and I didn’t take action.

What is the one decision you have not really taken action on?

C’mon what you waiting for? Clarity?

POINT #3: Consider how an event has impacted you. What do you believe about the outcome? Which PEOPLE have recently impacted your thinking?

Write down how… if you ONLY think it. It stays in the head. If you write it you can now look at it from a different perspective. Do you need to LET GO OF IT, HEAL IT, RESOLVE IT or DEAL WITH IT….

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