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If you want to grow fast, be ready to export!

Lara Morgan on why it’s so important for British companies to push to export early on and the inside track on one of her investments, KitBrix, now in over 10 countries, having sold over 8000 bags across the globe in it’s first two years. [LARA MORGAN] I think many SMEs are missing a trick with the huge opportunities to […]

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What Are The Biggest Barriers to Exporting?

export - international growth

This is a question I have been asked before, and as hard as I try, nothing significant comes to mind. British businesses have so many advantages when it comes to exporting – the English language, our legal systems and a generally positive reputation – that I honestly cannot think of a major barrier that we […]

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Revealed: The secrets to unlock sales success

SPECIAL EVENT: Sales Secrets Masterclass – 25th June, London. Sales is a crucial skill in business, and while some people find it comes naturally to them and get frustrated at how their teams struggle, others feel held back by the lack of structured training that they have received during their career. Help is at hand […]

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How to export (& what NOT to do)

  Lara Morgan learned about exporting the hard way. Here, she shares frank and honest insights and tips from her exporting experience. During UK Trade & Investment’s (UKTI) Export Week,  thousands of companies will be opening their doors to show the rest of the world why Britain is a great place to do business. While some […]

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How to close like a ‘Geordie’

11 actions to implement today that will immediately secure more commitment from prospects. If you’re not a native of the North East of England, like myself, (otherwise known as a Geordie) there’s a good chance you won’t have heard the phrase ‘shy bairns get nowt’ Loosely translated it means, ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’. Geordies are known […]

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A Watertight Equation for Raising Awareness

By guest contributor, Bryony Thomas, founder of Watertight Marketing. The two critical ingredients for generating a steady flow of leads for your business. “We need more leads,” is a familiar cry from business owners the length and breadth of the country. Having a steady flow of people interested in what you sell is essential for […]

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Time to turn up the heat

You already have a successful growing business, but are you frustrated that your sales team doesn’t follow through all the potential prospects they’ve either self generated or had fed to them by marketing? While you may have an ongoing email nurture campaign in place to keep leads simmering nicely, perhaps you would really like to elevate some relationships […]

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When is a Sale a Sale?

Nicola Cook walks you through how to define when a deal is really closed and suggests how you might improve your Closing Process.

When is a sale a sale? – depending on who you talk to in your organisation will depend on the answer you’re given. Ask an over eager sales person, business development rep or rookie business owner and they’d likely tell you, “when the client shakes your hand and says ‘Yes’”. Ask a Sales Manager, or Ops […]

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In sales and proud

young professionals

How many times have you been at a networking event and introduced yourself to someone who responds with titles like, Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Executive, anything but admit that they are in sales? I wholly understand the reticence of sales people not wishing to tar themselves with the brush of other’s poor behaviour in […]

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Global Entrepreneurship Week is just the beginning for ambitious start-ups

Lara Morgan highlights the skills gap stopping leaders take their business to the next level As Global Entrepreneurship Week approaches, thousands of Britons will take inspiration from entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Michael Dell and Mohammad Yunus and start their own business. These businesses could hold the key to the UK’s economic recovery, as outlined by […]

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