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Why Are You in Business?

Whenever I begin working with a new client, one of the very first questions I ask them is ‘why are they in business?, what motivates them to become an entrepreneur?, and what I’ve observed with a large number of business entrepreneurs, particularly those within the first 3 years of their entrepreneurial journey, is how often […]

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Sales – or Sell More!

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked to do a presentation for the brilliant Julie Meyer at her Entrepreneur Country Event. The conference was all about growth acceleration and – forgive me for stating the bleeding obvious – but too often not focused upon. So I entitled my talk, “Sell More”. Too many people […]

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Cash is King

Having and keeping your staff is great but without a steady cash flow your company will not survive, One of my early hires was an accountant. However before that there was just me and as I was building my company I looked at the amount in our bank account every day; I would always know […]

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