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Is Your Sales Team Focused on Revenue or Profit?

After closing, what at the time, was the biggest deal personally in our business Company Shortcuts, I celebrated in such a way that my Chairman responded with: “But surely you must have had deals of this size before, in your corporate career when you were working for Gucci or P&G” …and of course I have, so why […]

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Everyone in your business matters

Speaking from personal experience, Patricia Bacon, founder of Bacon Consulting shares insights on recruitment and building culture for a healthy business. You can hear her speak at our next event here on 1st October. As I have grown businesses over the years I have come to realise that recruiting the right people is one of […]

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Counting the cost

counting the cost

I bear the scars of having seen my Dad steadily (miserably and slowly) go bankrupt, losing everything, because he failed to sense check his way forward. At the time I didn’t see it this way, but I now consider myself lucky as those scars at an early age taught me the importance of the fundamentals […]

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How to interview to build culture

TEam at flip chart

Having made most mistakes in recruitment, in fact it feels like all, but also having learnt a great deal along the way through trial and alas error I wanted to share with you a few thoughts and sense checks for avoiding recruitment nightmares. Culture first It took 17 years of effort to define the process […]

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Business books for the holidays

Ultimate summer reads for ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders

It’s that time of year with holidays on the horizon, when we share our list of must-reads for all aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Take the opportunity over the holidays to get stuck into an inspiring business book and why not pass it on to one of your team when you’ve read it and invest in their personal […]

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Avoid Recruitment Headaches

Avoid recruitment headaches

It’s the people who will build your business, therefore, recruit the best talent at the earliest possible opportunity. Never compromise when it comes to recruitment, otherwise, you create a headache that drains your time, energy and cash. If you have ambition and want to grow; you and your team are maxed out and one person is […]

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Help us sell more!

Help us sell more

“Tell us what we need to say to our prospective customers to make them want to buy.” Less telling, more asking! Like many companies that approach me, this cry from the heart came from a group of specialists, in this case, a Biotech company. With brains like Einstein, when you ask them to tell you […]

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The work life equation

The choices we make as individuals drive the way we spend our time, dictate what gets our most focused moments and the speed at which we get things done. Wasted time is not wasted if you plan to do nothing. It certainly pays to do nothing if you need it, in order to reframe and […]

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Adapting to changing buyer behaviour

The New Sales Function The latest research from Forrester demonstrates the critical need for businesses to adapt their sales function if they are to succeed in the Age of the Customer. Download my FREE ebook series on the topic – here. 5 questions to ask yourself: 1. Do you have a slick e-commerce option for simple transactional […]

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When is the deal really closed?

Have you ever been the salesperson feeling hugely disappointed that a piece of business you had considered ‘closed’ went to a different supplier?  Clearly, in this case, your prospect had a very different perspective of the conversations that had taken place, and in their mind, they had never confirmed the contract – perhaps you never […]

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