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How Exercise Gives You The Edge – Kate Darch (Activbod)


How Exercise Gives You The Edge Regular exercise has numerous benefits for all of us, but one thing that is often overlooked is how exercising regularly can impact your work life. No, we don’t mean the bag of sweaty gym kit under your desk making you unpopular! Exercising regularly can actually improve your performance at […]

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Are You Business Fit?

The first decision I made at the turn of the year, which I announced to the Company Shortcuts team at our first strategy meeting – is that from now on we are closing the business from 4pm on the 23rd December until the first working day of the New Year. You can imagine – that announcement […]

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Good strategy, Bad strategy…

sales targets and rewards

is the name of the book I’m currently devouring…   And it comes highly recommended. Suddenly so much of what Lara says – makes sense!  I’m only at the beginning of the book and already have pages of ideas and ‘grey time’ thoughts scrawled down for myself, and although I have many insights to share I’m […]

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4 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself

Business Growth

I thought I would share some wise words from our Chairman Lara Morgan which I trust you find valuable and take time to read, reflect and action. From Lara’s desk…  Now is the time with single-minded focus to answer the following 4 critical questions…  1.Do you have the right people to drive your researched strategy? […]

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Are you maxing the sales hours of the day?

It’s an ongoing Company Shortcuts mantra – but one that both Lara and I firmly believe lies at the core of business successes – the relentless focus on sales activity during the core hours of the week. So – how much of your team’s resources last week was focused on income generating activities? 100% perfect, […]

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Valuing Time

Future Proof Your Sales Engine

Valuing Time Time is money? The more productive you can make each minute of the day the more you will make on the return of your invested effort. Being smart about the way you work within the hours you give will also set you apart. Focus on a core goal without distraction, practice and start […]

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