The value of delegation

Lara Morgan // April 22 // 0 Comments

The value of delegation but the difficulty of letting go remains a constant strain on most small company leaders, and then their management team as the small company matures and takes the hugely brave but energising steps of accelerating growth potential.

The brave pill, of learning to trust others, respecting that other people will approach tasks differently and also accepting that someone else’s approach may be different is a very tough part of steeping up for all parties involved. In my experience, having learnt to give better project briefs, with clear expectations, results are often be better – particularly in time and detail, because by hanging on and being the bottle neck of tasks we (the leaders) slow the whole business potential down. The frustration and the disappointment of also not allowing others in your company new challenges and learning opportunities is a missed benefit for those wanting to build a solid business with brilliance throughout.

Scary as it might be, use some sensible checks and balanced as you learn to delegate to others. Attached find a project template, and a delegation check list and perhaps start making your own life easier as you empower others – the results will be worth it. Most vitally be encouraging, set clear time perameters and allow people to learn from mistakes but approach this whole process as a learning opportunity for both to progress.

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Lara Morgan is best known for growing Pacific Direct, from start-up to successful exit, 23 years later. She now invests her time in fast-growth companies and represents UKTI as an Export Ambassador, having previously exported to 110 countries. Her vast experience and business knowledge include specialisms in licensing luxury brands, manufacturing toiletries and selling to the hospitality environment through complex global distribution chains. She's also an expert in leadership and developing talent having learnt through her own experiences of employing 500 employees in an open fast growth sales culture.

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