Ask a room full of entrepreneurs if they’ve ever made a recruitment mistake and everyone will raise their hand before regaling you with multiple horror stories of recruitment nightmares, none

I spend all day everyday fine tuning my clients' Sales Engines and not surprisingly there are some common ‘quick fixes' that I see time and time again. These often small

Last night I gave the keynote address at my old school’s Speech Day… Apart from being an immensely humbling experience, being back on the platform, this time handing out awards

So, the Brexit debate rumbles on and parliament remains paralysed. Meanwhile, we shall keep calm and carry on while the politicians continue to battle it out and hopefully offer up

How many times have you heard one of your employees tell you about yet another App or piece of software that will help with some minutiae part of your sales

Last month, during our family holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida, I took the opportunity to spend a day ‘backstage’ on a behind the scenes Business Tour. How could

One of the most popular parts of my live keynote is the explanation of the different types of buyers, their different motivations and the different types of Sales Engines a

If like most ambitious business owners your focus is on growth, have you formulated a plan on how to achieve that growth in 2019? Will you increase your market share,