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Who would you hire in 2015?

My top 5 prospective employees

The Apprentice versus Apprenticeships As I write this, we are approaching the pointy end of the current UK Apprentice TV series where a further intake of hopefuls are scrabbling to win favour with Lord Sugar, Nick Hewer and Karen Brady. The last few bold and brash candidates in the series are running around London attempting […]

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5 lessons I learned taking on a Non Executive Director

Taking on an NED

I considered bringing in an NED on a few occasions as I built my business.  In the end I only ever appointed one – in a major transition phase of the business when I felt utterly certain of him and the value he could and would bring to the business. On reflection, and I may […]

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Only recently did I appreciate the really immeasurable value of the innovation ability we encouraged as we built at Pacific Direct. Everyday surely a company must surely continually try to improve and grow to out run the competition. Indeed not only to outrun, but to win on every level, as a business grows a company […]

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Are you on it or in it?

How many leaders continue to ignore the fact that need to invest in self as well as others? How many do not even invest in their own people…Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous as – “If I train my people they might go?” – If you do not train your people they should go… […]

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Sales – or Sell More!

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked to do a presentation for the brilliant Julie Meyer at her Entrepreneur Country Event. The conference was all about growth acceleration and – forgive me for stating the bleeding obvious – but too often not focused upon. So I entitled my talk, “Sell More” . Too many […]

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Get off your backside and network

Having just spoken for at their Edinburgh event I have to make some noise about how simply pathetic the British SME audience would appear to be in their energy to engage, grow and scale up from the most basic networking level. An audience of hundreds – 30% only had networked in the coffee start […]

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The importance of brilliant sales

How bad are we in Britain at selling? I would suggest pretty poor, and most certainly the majority are weak in the art of persistence and persuasion. Some do not even endeavor to practice these skills and barely make it through the early stages of a several stepped process towards winning an order. I enjoy […]

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Maximise your Success

There are many things you can do to maximize your success Always have the top three things you wish to achieve that day at the forefront of your mind – ensure your goals are realistic and make sure one of the three everyday is something promoting a new sale. Sales are for the selling hours […]

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Valuing Time

Future Proof Your Sales Engine

Valuing Time Time is money? The more productive you can make each minute of the day the more you will make on the return of your invested effort. Being smart about the way you work within the hours you give will also set you apart. Focus on a core goal without distraction, practice and start […]

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Youth Job Culture

A qualified rant on youth job culture Having no qualifications, I started a business when I was 23, with no funding and having seen a myriad of utterly mediocre, poorly written, mistake strewn job applications over the past 20 years why am I surprised still to hear the pathetic desires of newly graduated unemployed people […]

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