You achieved the following result:

Oh dear! You don’t need me to say this because you already know you have serious issues. You’ve averaged a ‘5’ or less across the board. That means your Sales Engine is running at 50% effectiveness or less. Put another way, for every £1 you spend in sales and marketing, only 50p is having any impact on your revenue generation. The rest is leaking down the drain.


But you know this, and you’ve likely already tried (and perhaps frustratingly failed) to find a solution to your sales growth headaches. Perhaps you’ve hired and fired sales and/or marketing team members, or even leadership. Perhaps you’ve spent a tonne of money on software, hoping that that would improve your Sales Engine effectiveness, but instead it’s only brought more confusion and frustration into the business.


You feel lost, overwhelmed and unsure where to start and that’s were our SAM© model comes in. Use this template as a guide on what to tackle first. The most important area is Strategy, followed by Team, then Tools & Tactics.

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