Your company's milestones already include:

  • Proof of concept
  • A loyal client base
  • A hardworking team
  • You've survived the start-up phase

However, you're frustrated your current business results do not match your expectations of where you wanted to be right now.

Perhaps you've:

  • Hired and fired expensive sales resource or outside agencies
  • Spent money on marketing campaigns that haven't worked
  • Attempted to improve sales process, perhaps investing in a CRM that now creates more headaches than it solves
  • Found it frustrating getting the right data out of the Sales Engine to be able to predict future revenue
  • Attempted and failed in your efforts to delegate new business acquisition away from the Heroic Sales Leaders’ in your team (perhaps that's you?)

Maybe you simply lack confidence or strategic experience for the next phase of growth?

If so, then you are not alone. All fast growth businesses struggle with these common issues, which is why we’ve developed our Business Accelerator programme for organisations just like yours, which creates transformational sales growth in any business regardless of type or sector.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision to reality

*Businesses can enrol into the Business Accelerator Programme only after they’ve been through an Acceleration Review Session – a process that ensures there is a good fit. Each intake is limited in size to ensure a high degree of participation, peer support and accountability.

Selection criteria is a key strategy for maximising the results of the programme.

To find out what this involves email us.

Learn from those that have a proven track record, scaling a sales engine whilst continuing to grow profit.

Our Leadership Programme enables you join a select group of dynamic and ambitious business leaders who want both you and your business to succeed.

We give you the information, knowledge, templates and peer support you need to create transformational sales growth, regardless of business type or sector.



So much More Than Just Buzz Words

A company wanting to accelerate their sales growth must know how to create success in each of these four key areas of their business


A business cannot achieve its growth potential without an effective strategy. Who are your customers, why will they buy from you, how will you continue to scale your business, are all questions that a business wanting a solid sales strategy should have mapped out.


High competency in sales ability is needed to continuously develop a highly motivated confident team with good morale, led by strong sales accelerators. Your team should be focused, productive and massively passionate about what they sell and easily bounce back from rejection.


An organised sales process supports both your prospective and ongoing customer relationships. Strong use of technology, measurements, and pipeline management create a steady stream of sales revenue.


Everyone needs to understand business building skills and how to structure and control a sales interaction, especially with today’s more internet savvy educated buyers. However, those businesses with high capability in this area not only have teams of highly skilled Salesblazers who understand how to lead a purposeful sales conversation that leads to a positive action based outcome, they will have this process templated and stored within a centralised Sales Bible.

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Brochure, Dates or Programme Outine

Business Accelerator Leadership Programme Outline 2016/17


  •  To elevate yourself from the day-to-day sales needs of your business and implement the actions needed to build a business with leaders, people, sales growth platforms and structures in place that are not dependent on you personally for increased business value.
  • To gain a clear route map for future accelerated business growth.
  • To develop a renewed focus on self, personal leadership style and personal areas for ongoing development including your sales leadership skills.
  • To implement a clear plan for resourcing your ideas and how to go about attracting, recruiting and rewarding your team of Salesblazers who will help you build your business.
  • To have the opportunity to undertake a total review of your business sales process, to understand where it can be simplified, improved and made more customer centric so you efficiently manage your customer journey from lead generation, through pipeline, to closed sale, service delivery and the development of further sales opportunities.
  • To gain an understanding of the required team skill set to deliver the plan, and how to embed sales behaviours and culture into your business through the development of your own company’s Sales Bible.
  • To join a like-minded peer group with the opportunity to connect both face-to-face and online.
  • To benefit from a critical review by a panel of experts who will give feedback on your business plan for growth, following your implementation of the key actions from each stage of the learning process.

The Experts

Lara Morgan Founder, Pacific Direct


More Info on Lara +

Sometimes called The Sales Growth Expert, Lara started her first business Pacific Direct aged just 23yrs. Pacific manufactured & sold toiletries and amenities to the luxury hotel market. She sold her majority share 20years later for £20m.

She now focuses on her angel investments which include Gate8 Luggage, Global Amenities Direct, Activbod, Kitbrix, Functional Fragrances as well as the growth of Company Shortcuts.

Jamie Edwards Creator of Mental Ketchup


More Info on Jamie +

Jamie Edwards is a leading peak performance coach and International Speaker. His work has been tested at the highest levels of sports such as the Rugby World Cup, the Ashes, the Ryder Cup, World Cup Skiing, Extreme Sports and the Premiership and he provides mental training for players at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon.

He is invited to lecture at a number of renowned universities such as Imperial College, St Andrew’s, Loughborough and Oxford.

Nicola Cook CEO, Company Shortcuts


More Info on Nicola +

Nicola Cook is an award winning entrepreneur and twice published international best-selling author on professional selling and personal & business growth. She founded Aurora Consulting 2004 and completed a merger into Company Shortcuts in 2013.

Prior to her own business her corporate career includes roles within American Express, P&G Chase Manhattan Bank and Gucci recruiting, building and developing sales teams.

Rennie Gould, Chief Growth Accelerator


More Info on Rennie +

A professional consultant, business author and lecturer, with an outstanding record for helping individuals and organisations define and deliver their business and customer strategy.

Wide experience of telecoms, banking & insurance, chemicals, automotive, construction and professional services; this experience ranging from B2B via key account management, to B2C via contact centres and CRM.

An experienced facilitator and workshop leader, having led management development programmes in most aspects of marketing, sales & customer strategy.

Non-Executive director of the Absolute Group in Dubai.

Visiting Lecturer in International Marketing at Cardiff Business School.

Author of Creating the Strategy – Winning & Keeping Customers in B2B Markets, published by Kogan Page.

Management experience with Ford Motor Company in a variety of sales & marketing roles including dealer sales management and marketing research and with BT in setting up their CRM consulting practice.

Clients from across Europe, USA, Canada, Central America & the Middle East:

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