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Hot Button Prompts

Resource - The 5 Step Sales Process

A simple print out to be laminated and shared in the office visually to remind you and your team where you are in the steps of the sale and to always focus on the best possible outcome for the next stage in the sales process

Resource - Hot Button Prompts

A 1 page print out you can put up onto your office wall, highlighting the key areas needed to qualify in the Hot Button


How to get past Gatekeepers

Ebook - How to get past Gatekeepers

A great guide, including some DFY (done for you) call scripts on how to engage and introduce yourself via the telephone including how to get past those tricky gatekeepers. The same principles can be applied if introducing yourself via Linkedin or other social media too.

Ebook - The 5 Styles of Selling

Familiar with the terms hunter/farmer to describe the typical types of sales personalities, then this short download breaks sales personalities into 5 categories, allowing you to mix the styles within your team and overlay your team’s personal strengths against the key requirements for differing parts of your sales funnel.


When is a sale a sale

A blog post reminder for the 3 parts of the close and how to use them in sequence

Negotiation is fun

A reminder to always search for the win:win outcome in any sale

Audio & Videos


Phil Jones keynote presentation from Business Accelerator event.

Video - Margaret Neale: Negotiation: Getting What You Want

Margaret Neale's research focuses primarily on negotiation and team performance. Her work has extended judgment and decision-making research from cognitive psychology to the field of negotiation.

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