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Are You Business Fit?

The first decision I made at the turn of the year, which I announced to the Company Shortcuts team at our first strategy meeting – is that from now on we are closing the business from 4pm on the 23rd December until the first working day of the New Year. You can imagine – that announcement […]

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Opportunity Realised – Some Wise Words from Lara Morgan.

Ultimate summer reads for ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders

This week I thought I would share some wise words from our Company Shortcuts Chairman Lara, who circulated the words below to all of her company heads. I think the message speaks for itself… “In order for a business to take advantage of an opportunity, four factors must be in place.  The formula looks like […]

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Are you maxing the sales hours of the day?

It’s an ongoing Company Shortcuts mantra – but one that both Lara and I firmly believe lies at the core of business successes – the relentless focus on sales activity during the core hours of the week. So – how much of your team’s resources last week was focused on income generating activities? 100% perfect, […]

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