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3 ways to close a deal

Nicola Cook walks you through how to define when a deal is really closed and suggests how you might improve your Closing Process. Why don’t businesses close more warm leads? In part, they take their foot of the gas too early in the sales process. And lets face it, depending on who you talk to in […]

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Is Your Sales Team Focused on Revenue or Profit?

After closing, what at the time, was the biggest deal personally in our business Company Shortcuts, I celebrated in such a way that my Chairman responded with: “But surely you must have had deals of this size before, in your corporate career when you were working for Gucci or P&G” …and of course I have, so why […]

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Your first sales hire – 4 tips before you start

grow your team - the right hire

The first sales hire may slow you down at first but get it right & adhere to these 4 strategic tips and you’ll set your business up for profitable growth. A question that all growing businesses must answer is: When is the right time to expand my sales operation, who would be the best fit and where […]

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Build on your Natural Selling Style

Selling styles natural extrovert

It’s important to be honest about both the strengths AND challenges different selling styles present. Nicola Cook explains in greater depth what to expect from each style. After reading the outlines in Selling Styles Part 1, do you find yourself associating in particular with one of these styles? The Gladiator The Best Friend The Wizard […]

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Know your selling style

Sales Styles - telesales

Whether you approach it with fearless passion or like you do a chat with your best mate, everyone has a natural style of influence. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a ‘natural’ salesperson, you will default to what comes naturally when put in a position that requires influence. Here, we uncover your preferred selling style, […]

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Managing different selling styles in a team

Sales team having a meeting

As you may have gathered from the content already covered on this topic, there is no one definitive successful style. In fact to become super successful you actually need to be able to switch between the styles at different points throughout the sales process, particularly if you work in a smaller business, or indeed are the […]

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Be prepared for your sales meetings. Always.

Be prepared for meetings

I watched a fascinating programme on the BBC recently. Essentially it asked what the Health Service could learn from other industries that would reduce the amount of mistakes caused purely by human error, particularly in stressful situations. By comparing best practice from such sectors as diverse as The Fire Service, Aviation, to the pit teams […]

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Avoid Recruitment Headaches

Avoid recruitment headaches

It’s the people who will build your business, therefore, recruit the best talent at the earliest possible opportunity. Never compromise when it comes to recruitment, otherwise, you create a headache that drains your time, energy and cash. If you have ambition and want to grow; you and your team are maxed out and one person is […]

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Help us sell more!

Help us sell more

“Tell us what we need to say to our prospective customers to make them want to buy.” Less telling, more asking! Like many companies that approach me, this cry from the heart came from a group of specialists, in this case, a Biotech company. With brains like Einstein, when you ask them to tell you […]

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Adapting to changing buyer behaviour

The New Sales Function The latest research from Forrester demonstrates the critical need for businesses to adapt their sales function if they are to succeed in the Age of the Customer. Download my FREE ebook series on the topic – here. 5 questions to ask yourself: 1. Do you have a slick e-commerce option for simple transactional […]

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