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Valuing Time

Future Proof Your Sales Engine

Valuing Time Time is money? The more productive you can make each minute of the day the more you will make on the return of your invested effort. Being smart about the way you work within the hours you give will also set you apart. Focus on a core goal without distraction, practice and start […]

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Youth Job Culture

A qualified rant on youth job culture Having no qualifications, I started a business when I was 23, with no funding and having seen a myriad of utterly mediocre, poorly written, mistake strewn job applications over the past 20 years why am I surprised still to hear the pathetic desires of newly graduated unemployed people […]

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A religious approach to cash

Too many company owners fail, not because they do not have a good product, a willing team, nor good customers but simply because they run out of cash to support growth. The earlier business leaders learn the importance of cash management and cash controls within their business the more likely I think they are not […]

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The value of delegation

The value of delegation but the difficulty of letting go remains a constant strain on most small company leaders, and then their management team as the small company matures and takes the hugely brave but energising steps of accelerating growth potential. The brave pill, of learning to trust others, respecting that other people will approach […]

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