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A Journey to Engagement

 December 16, 2015

By  Company Shortcuts

My Mini Stalking Mission by guest writer, Claudette Dawson

When you are on a mission, you have a specific aim with a clear direction and it’s vital to know, own and embrace your “why”.

My “why” for wanting to join Company Shortcuts was the fuel that ignited my persistence button. That’s what drove me on my journey of engagement with the company.


Persistence and timing have been key to my mission. I say timing as I needed to make sure I was personally ready to embark on this mission, after all I could have been eaten alive, I mean imagine making myself vulnerable and visible to others not knowing what the outcome might be. Mind you that is a part of life isn’t it? Do we not do that day after day anyway?

Sit back while I tell you my story …

A dear friend heard Lara Morgan speak at a conference and encouraged me to contact her, especially as she said when she makes the offer for people to contact her, the majority don’t follow through. That helped me clarify my outcome, I MUST follow through.

I quickly became acquainted with Lara’s voice mail message in February after trying to call a couple of times, diarising a weekly call to her. My third call, changing the time and day I called, was answered by the lady herself. Remember I mentioned timing: she happened to be sitting with Nicola Cook (her Business Partner for Company Shortcuts) at the time of my call and asked me to email explaining what I wanted to discuss and said she would give me some feedback.

It appears in my excitement I missed a letter out of her email address so both emails did not arrive; yes I sent it more than once when I didn’t get a response. I thought it strange that I did not receive any sort of reply. My mission was still on, I simply refused to stop even though my emotions at this point where trying really hard to convince me otherwise; I sent it again another week later with an additional phone call and left a message.


Now this is where you really need to learn to listen to your instincts as something was telling me I was not being ignored on purpose, that just didn’t seem to make sense. So I got a little more creative, it was now the end of March and I decided to change me tactic slightly, so I booked Lara via her website. Oh well if you don’t ask you don’t get. Two days later, even though she was on holiday, she directly contacted me explaining she had not received my emails, at this point I notice the email address error on my part. She asked me to email her on a specific date when she returned from holiday, which I did.

Less than a week later I started having email contact directly with Nicola. Over the following couple of months, every opportunity that came my way I took it. Travel to meet with Nicola, online conference call, attending meetings, meeting team members and observing training. Remembering my “why” and not allowing anything to distract me from my outcome, yet taking time to learn from and enjoy the journey.


Here I sit in reflection, after receiving my business cards, name badge and first delivery for Company Shortcuts. I programmed my SAT NAV eight months ago, with my destination postcode and any diversion or rerouting in my journey that came my way I pursued. Who says persistence doesn’t pay… it did for me.

Claudette Dawson now leads the Company Shortcuts’ Sales Secrets Masterclasses. Join her for a day and sharpen your sales skills alongside other ambitious sales professionals. More details here.

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