The Greatest Sales Secrets

Understanding the Art of Selling


Sales Secrets Introduction

An introduction to the Sales Secrets programme by course founder Nicola Cook, CEO of Company Shortcuts.


New Definition of Selling

We've entered a new era of selling.

In this video you'll appreciate the importance of understanding your type of sales process, and why improving your sales skills are important to guide your type of buyer through the different stages of your sales journey.


Why People Buy

The psychology of persuasion.

This video reveals the real reasons why people say 'yes' to your offer, and also why they say 'No' or fob you off. It may just surprise you.


The Steps of The Sale

The 5 step format of the steps of the sale. An overview of key stages of Engage. Qualify. Compel. Commit. Overcome.

In this video we cover an overview of each step, together with the changes to the buying process since the development of the internet and why now, that makes the importance of sales skills competency even more critical to your business success.


Sales Secrets Next Steps

A final recap of what you've learned in this video series and what you can expect in the next part of your Sales Secrets journey.

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