How To Get Past

The Gatekeeper

This short guide is LOADED with tonnes of great information so make sure you don't miss out on any of the gems enclosed.

You will find: 

  • scripts for speaking to the gatekeeper
  • questions to ask that will get you the information you need
  • tried and tested strategies for getting that first appointment
  • methods for initiating conversations
  • the pain/pleasure equation that explains why they might take your call
  • gaining access via a 3rd party referral
  • what to do when they block your request to speak to your prospect
  • phone appointments 'dos and don'ts'

… and much, MUCH more!

Go on, take a look now!

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Entrepreneurial heavy-weights and sales growth strategists Lara Morgan and Nicola Cook are generous beyond belief. Take on board all they have to offer. Their insights are packed full of value, focus on profitable activity and provide intelligent, fresh approaches. Hugely rewarding both personally and professionally.