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The latest research, which studied the current business priorities in UK companies, which they believed would have the greatest impact on their companies profit, listed improving sales and client acquisition as priority No. 6!

‘It’s impossible to achieve growth in any business, until you can successfully create predictability in both your lead generation and sales conversions’ – Nicola Cook (CEO of Company Shortcuts)

This lack of focus on the development of what we call ‘highly profitable business sales engines’ means lost net profit of, on average, 7% per company and impacts the wider economy to the tune of lost GDP of net profit and the UK economy around £9Million/hour or £17Billion/year.
We know what it takes to create a growth organisation, which includes a culture focused on sales & profit right from the CEO to the coal face of your organisation and these driving meta-principles can be broken down into 4 simple parts.Sales Growth


A business cannot achieve it’s growth potential without an effective strategy. Where are you now and where do you want to be? What are the markets that are opening up, have you maximized every growth opportunity available to you right now? How will you continue to scale your business, and finance growth are all questions that a business wanting a solid sales strategy should have mapped out.


High competency in sales ability is needed to continuously develop a highly motivated confident team of SalesBlazers. Knowing how to attract, recruit, train, develop and motivate the right people for your business is an essential part of enabling growth. Your team should be focused, productive and massively passionate about what they sell and easily bounce back from rejection.


An organized sales process supports both your prospective and ongoing customer relationships. Multiple lead generation activites need to be activated, measured and managed simultaneously. Strong use of technology, measurements, and pipeline management create a steady stream of sales revenue.


We live in a connected ‘relationship economy’ where everyone needs to understand relationship building skills. Those with high levels of natural skill will already understand how to lead a ‘purposeful’ sales conversation that leads to a positive action based outcome.

Yet, every business may have slight variations in how they reach and serve their customer base, but growth businesses already have mapped out the required skill set for their particular sales process and have structure in place to not only support the skills improvement of their people at all levels, but also how best practice and excellence can be shared and duplicated.

All of our products and services are under-pinned by the 4 meta-principles of our Sales Secrets Formula©, and vary in intensity and cost depending on the time and investment you have available and the impact you want to achieve. For example, our Forums and Business Accelerator Leadership programmes are equivalent to £1000/mnth whereas our KUTA and Aim High Membership services start from £5/mnth and £16/mth respectively.

If you would like some guidance in understanding which product or service may be right for you right now, then call our team who will gladly advise.

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